School Days…

I’m very excited to begin teaching again this fall. Besides my home teaching studio, I am very fortunate to be working as a sessional instructor at three fine institutions of higher learning:

Brandon University, The University of Manitoba, and The Canadian Mennonite University.

Summer Jazz Camps 2013

I’m looking forward to my first year on faculty at the International Music Camp’s Jazz Session (July 14th- 20th, 2013). This will be the first time I’ve been to IMC since I attended the camp in the late-90’s/early 2000s.

In August I’ll be teaching at the University of Manitoba Jazz Camp for a fifth year. Wow, I can’t believe its already been five years! Looks like Steve Wilson and Wycliffe Gordon will be coming back this year with the rest of the U of M’s excellent faculty.

Currently teaching Guitar and Ensembles at ‘The Music Cellar’

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my first year teaching at The Music Cellar in south-west Winnipeg. The students are talented, the parents are very supportive and the team of teachers are a lot of fun to work with. David and Brenda Schneider have created an incredibly welcoming learning environment and I’m looking forward to picking up next year where we’ve left off.

For more information about guitar lessons or The Music Cellar’s innovative new ensemble program, please click here: